Trent Waldron Half Marathon and 10K

The Trent Waldron Half-Marathon is a celebration of life for Marcie Trent and Larry Waldron, mother and son, who were killed on a training run in July 1995.  The Trent Waldron Half-Marathon was created as a Mother’s Day present by Marcie’s husband, John Trent. Unlike most events, this race adds a unique competition to the normal results by using age-grading to level the playing field. The male and female age-graded winners will win a commemorative mug.

Since 2018 proceeds from Trent Waldron have been donated to Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition (AYCC). AYCC’s mission is to provide emotional support and empowerment through building community, improving quality of life and providing meaningful survivorship to those affected by young adult cancer. Their vision is no survivor alone.

2020 is the final year to beat your time and win a mug. For the 2,100+ individuals who have competed in one of the prior TW Half-Marathons, a goal time will be computed for this year’s event which matches their age-adjusted effort from their most recent participation. A mug is awarded to individuals who can match or come under their goal time. Marcie Trent and Larry Waldron both loved and encouraged running for everyone. Runners and walkers of all ability are encouraged to participate.


MAY 1-31, 2020



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