• Contest time!! 🎉 The Olympic Marathon trials are coming up on Saturday and we want you to give us your best guess at the winning men’s time in the comments 👇 Whoever has the closest estimate will win a pair of the @hokaoneone Carbon X shoes that the @naz_elite runners will be wearing! 🔥 The Carbon X set the world record for 50 miles and will be on the feet of the Hoka-sponsored NAZ Elite runners. #HokaOneOne #NAZ_Elite #CarbonX #SeasonofSpeed #timetofly #atlanta2020 Check out our facebook for a contest to guess the winning women’s time and don’t forget to join us Saturday for a watch party featuring more giveaways!
  • Alright all you Superheros 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ and Hightailers 🦌 , it’s time to hightail it to save the day and REGISTER BEFORE PRICES INCREASE! You have until MIDNIGHT TOMORROW! 🕛 Link in bio to our events page!
  • The @saucony Hurricane 22 has landed. Stability AND cushion, and lighter than ever. #runforgood
  • Shamrock Shuffle registration prices go up WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT! 🕛☘️ 🏃‍♀️🏃 Registration link in bio. Head on over to our Facebook page for an entry giveaway from First National Bank Alaska! Winner selected Tuesday at noon!
  • GIVEAWAY TIME! We know the hardest part of the Gold Nugget Triathlon is registration, but we want to make sure the training does give you any trouble either: so @ravenrunclub and @elite.ak are here to help. We're giving away two entries to the 2020 GNT and RRC x Elite x GNT training, a new collaboration from Skinny Raven and Elite. 🏊‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ Tell us why YOU want to win, and we'll select two winners at random. Winners will be announced March 1. #gnt2020
  • @brooksrunning bringing the luck o' the Irish to ya! The Run Lucky Launch 7 has arrived. Follow the rainbow to 800 H Street and find your size of this St. Paddy's Day shoe o' gold! 🌈 Fast. Light. Lucky. ☘️ We've only got a limited run of these, and soon they'll be as rare as a four leaf clover! #runhappy #runlucky
  • Who is ready to hustle on in for the @diadoraofficial Mythos Elite Launch, downtown Saturday morning?! Perk that post-run-high (thanks to @ravenrunclub) with espresso thanks to Diadora, and coffee from @kaladibrotherscoffee as @dj_just_adam spins some Italian inspired tunes to celebrate these dope new shoes. Also, you just might WIN A PAIR OF THE MYTHOS ELITE AND OTHER SWAG. See ya Saturday. Caio. #diadorasport #MakeItBright
  • Our very own (& @ravenrunclub coach) Grace ran the Little Su 50K this last weekend, chalking up a snazzy 2nd overall and WINNING the women’s division! 📸 Andy Romang Photography Grace’s take on running the event— These last 14 weeks were the most successful weeks of running I have ever had. Running a 50k in the dead of winter relieved any performance anxiety I had and allowed me to focus on how my body and mind felt in that present moment. The race itself was a physical and emotional rollercoaster. From the very beginning, the nervous energy led to thoughts of questioning why in the world I had made the decision to run this race. Ten miles in, finishing seemed so far away and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make my time goal of under 5 hours and 11 minutes. I set alarms on my watch to force myself to eat; I walked up every hill and didn’t see a human being until mile 18. Margarita shotbloks saved my life at mile 27 when I ran out of water; I’ve never wanted to sit down so badly in all my life. Yet, this was the most clear example I’ve ever experienced of my body being able to outlast and push beyond my mind. I had never had to recognize subjective thoughts and immediately dismiss them before. When I did, it was amazing how much better I felt and how it correlated to my splits for the race. I was not expecting to run under 5 hours, but I honestly didn’t think I was even going to make it to the start line. I haven’t made it through a training block with getting injured in over three years, much less make it to the line feeling ready to race. I’m so excited to get back to running after my little post-race break because I know that my body can handle much more than I thought it ever could. These past few months of training that led to this race reminded me to trust the process and be willing to put in the time that it takes to be successful. Next up, a marathon!
  • Kids Running registration is now open!! A summer program for kids age 6-12, Kids Running is focused around staying active in the summer and making running fun 🎉 Click the link in our bio for more information and to register!
  • Italian brand @diadoraofficial is here all week to bring you demos of their signature Blushield technology and soft cushion 🇮🇹 Join Pub Run tomorrow night and stick around for a bite after, then come by Saturday Feb 22 for all kinds of fun including: Shoe demos and long run with @ravenrunclub Espresso from Diadora and @kaladibrotherscoffee Shoe giveaways, Diadora swag, DJ, and more!
  • Sunshine that finally has a bit of warmth to it! We’ll be OPEN as normal tomorrow at the downtown location, 10-7. You’ll find FREE shoe studding, fresh new @goodr shades (absolutely key with this ☀️ and ❄️), and a ton of new @nike, @newbalancerunning, and @patagonia apparel! PS, studded shoes are back in season with break up on the way and we’ve got some sweet deals for you! #teamraven #presidentsday
  • What snow? 🤔 Whether you’re getting ready for spring break or just feeling spring fever, we’ve got new apparel here to brighten your day 🌱



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