• Do you suffer from longstanding Achilles pain? Does it prevent you from running? With the uptick in at-home workouts, we checked in with Zuzana from @runnersedgealaska to see what to do. Chronic Achilles tendopathy is not an inflammatory condition, so medications do not help much. Gradual and targeted loading of the tendon is important! Here is where you start, with calf raise isometrics. Isometrics and long holds are friendly to the tendon, avoid fast movements: 1. Hold onto the railing/ counter 2. Lift both heels up as high as you can 3. Lift the non-painful foot off the ground, keep the ‘down’ leg knee straight 4. Hold (or build up tp) 30 seconds. 5. While still up, put you other leg down, then lower both to the ground. 6. Repeat 3x
  • Hi! Wow, the outpouring of support we’ve experienced and seen around the community of small businesses has been awesome. We’ve received a flood of questions on social, email, and calls, and we could not say thank you enough. To answer those Qs to a larger audience: 1) You can shop our footwear selection through our website. Free shipping! If the product is in store, it’s going out that day. 2) Gift cards can be sent through our website, and used now or once we’re all back to normal. Over the next few weeks, 50% of all gift cards purchased will go directly to our employees restricted from working. 3) Email, message, or call and we can get you set remotely. We’re working on ideas for online fittings, if you’re interested reach out and we can figure out how best to make it happen. Again, thank you. Got questions about gear for the new season or what shoes to look at? We’re happy to help from afar. Please call or message us on social if there is anything we can assist with. If not us, look to your favorite restaurant in town, or brewery, artist, bike shop, and keep Anchorage “running,” support local. PS- old picture, 6’ apart and think for your larger community!
  • Pubsters, Though we may not see you in person, we'd love to continue the Pub Run tradition! For the next couple weeks, we'd encourage you to still lace up the running shoes on Tuesday whether you hit the treadmill, pavement, or trail (while practicing safe social distancing). While we are Pub Running remotely, we can all run/walk/jog/ski/whatever-it-may-be together still, through our Strava club (below)! Title your activity with Pub Run in the name, post a photo on social media (be sure to tag us), and we'll host a virtual raffle for those entries. Have your activity logged by Wednesday at noon, and raffle winners will be notified later that day. We'll have prizes ready for you as soon as we're back in normal business for pick up! **REMINDER - We are not encouraging people to pack the trails or run in groups off-site, but instead be active with the rest of the community still in mind. PLEASE be sure to practice proper social distancing. Maybe take a solo tour of your neighborhood, find a new path, or make use of that treadmill with all the laundry on it! Let's all work together to get through this!**
  • Skinny Raven’s stores will be CLOSED from now until March 31 in order to comply with the city “hunker down” order. This is for the safety of our employees, customers, and greater community. In the meantime, we are here to answer any questions you may have and fulfill your needs with online ordering (link in our bio)! 💻 We can also be reached digitally by email or on social media to assist with placing orders, choosing footwear, and answering any questions you may have. Thank you all for your continued support during this difficult time ❤️ We love being a part of this community and look forward to servicing and growing with you for years to come
  • Weekend inspo: just keep moving, just keep moving. 🐟 Okay, we paraphrased, but Dory has the right idea: when things are weird and uncertain, physical activity can help you manage stress and keep a strong immune system. We are grateful for miles of green belt trails and access to wild places so that we can keep healthy distances from others. We are open today and tomorrow (Dimond), with modified hours: 11-6 today, Dimond is open 11-5 Sunday. Effective Sunday, 10 PM through March 31, Skinny Raven Sports will be closing its physical locations in accordance with the municipality’s Hunker Down ordinance. Our online store is up and running, and you can call our downtown store for expert recommendations, questions and other products we may not have online yet. We have free shipping options, curbside pickup, and delivery within Anchorage. Thank you for your continued support. #TeamRaven is here to support you as best we can. See you on the trails. Web link in bio.
  • All about distance (social and running) ☀️ With a lot of confusion going around, here’s some information about what activities are safe amid COVID closures and recommendations: -Keep exercising! Exercise can help boost your immune system and manage stress. But... -If you start to feel ill, take it easy. Now is not the time to be pushing your body when already sick -Get outside with others for some much needed social interaction, but make sure to maintain 6 ft of distance if you don’t live together! -Join a social group for accountability and interaction- record your activities on @strava (join Skinny Raven’s club!) and join #100milesinmay (starting in April this year!) -Avoid public exercise areas such as gyms and playgrounds, where the virus can live on surfaces for long periods of time Stay safe and stay healthy, and we’ll give you a wave on the trails (from 6 ft away) ❤️
  • Is it still social distancing when you get dropped on the ridge line? The Connelly clan is, as always, finding some vert to keep the heart rate and vibe up. #runak #akmountainrunners
  • A serendipitous website update recently, and we’re ready to help you continue moving from afar! *We’ll sanitize the shoes / box prior to delivery, but forgot to film it*
  • Thankful for big spaces and vitamin D!
  • Happy Monday, pubsters! We will be taking a little hiatus from Pub Runs through the end of March. At that time, we will evaluate the safety of resuming April Pub Runs. We appreciate your support and dedication to keeping our community happy, healthy, and safe. Keep your body moving, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often! We'll see you on the trails! #TeamRaven
  • It's time to stay active! Join @ravenrunclub and @elite.ak for a 6-week training program focused on running and strength, a perfect lead-up to the Gold Nugget Triathlon or an easy-way to keep building fitness before your summer training plans really kick into high mileage. We know Alaskans want to play outside as much as possible these days, so we structured the workouts and schedules to compliment all your other activities. For more information and registration head to 👉🏻 @ravenrunclub. *Our community is our #1 priority. We believe in the power of physical activity, especially running, to help us cope with stress and build strong immune systems. We are monitoring the current situation, maintaining clean spaces, and will adjust course as needed. We will continue to update you via email and our Facebook group.*
  • Hey Alaska (and outside) we’re here for you, and ready to continue to serve you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let’s keep the body moving, boost the immune system, and a positive outlook for our community. Both our retail locations are open, with precautions in place to maintain healthy setting. If shopping in person isn’t for you, our updated website offers an extensive selection that can be shipped directly to you. We can also work with you over the phone. We’d be happy to deliver to those of you in Anchorage. Team Raven is ready to assist you as best we can, in any way possible. See ya on the trails!



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