Need New Shoes? Here’s What to Expect!

Whether you’ve been running in the same style of shoes for years or if you’ve never had a real pair of running shoes, our shoe fitting process can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding the right pair of shoes for you!

If you are new to running or last sized when you were a kid, we will take you through a gait analysis. This involves making sure you have an athletic sock, measuring your feet, and either taping your gait on a treadmill or watching you walk, whichever you prefer. If you choose the treadmill route, we will give you a pair of neutral shoes to wear while running. These shoes do not have any added correction in the midsole, so we will be able to see how the foot moves in the shoe when your foot hit the ground. If we play the video back in slow motion and notice pronation (inward rotation) as you strike the treadmill, it is likely we will recommend more of a stabilizing shoe with a more dense midsole foam. Ideally, this foam will help support your feet and surrounding muscles by keeping it in a neutral position. Both stability and neutral shoes come in lightweight and plush options that can suit a variety of training needs. Ultimately, we fit for comfort. Whatever shoe fits best on your foot and feels the most natural is the one for you. We keep the options open while explaining the differences between each pair and are more than willing to answer any question you may have. Once you find a pair of shoes you love, we recommend trying a set of more supportive insoles in the shoes. A secondary insole can give the foot more overall support and is able to match the specific contour of your foot much better than the original stock insole. Gait efficiency can be greatly enhanced by using a  We can easily check the height of your arches and present low, medium, or high arch profiles depending on what you need. Again, comfort is key here. Your shoe should feel better with the added insole; it should not take away from the shoe. Beyond shoes and insoles, it is always a good idea to wear moisture-wicking, synthetic socks. Many of these socks are run-specific that off an anatomical fit that compresses the foot in areas that are more prone to blistering. This compression will also keep the sock from bunching up and sliding down the foot while in the shoe. We have countless options for socks from height to thickness to color to thread-count, so there is undoubtedly something for you!

If you are brand-loyal and always buy the same pair of shoes, it is still a good idea to be remeasured every so often to make sure we bring you the correct size. We can also bring out options from different brands that are similar to your favorite. Trying a new insole or pair of sweat-wicking socks can also make your shoe fit that much better.

And don’t forget, an outfit goes beyond just the footwear! We offer a variety of options for running apparel, especially as we being to transition from summer into the colder months. This specialized clothing offers better moisture and heat management to keep you warm and comfortable. As we start to break out our warm, reflective gear, make sure you get a chance to grab some before the first snow!