A large number of our customers at Skinny Raven would not consider themselves runners, but simply enjoy getting out in the community for daily activity and walking. We frequently get requests for shoes that are good to walk in or ones that are not running shoes. However, almost any shoe that is great to run in can transition perfectly to walking.

The shoes that are sold here are manufactured to be higher quality, which also means that they are likely to be a higher price point than shoes typically found at a convenience store. Sometimes the price can seem steep, especially for a shoe that is only going to be used for activity. However, protecting your body by using high-quality products works wonders years down the road.

There are a variety of options that are available to accommodate a wide range of needs. Many of the shoes that are recommended for walking are both cushioned and stable to maximize comfort over long periods of movement. All of the shoes we offer use high-grade foam in the midsole that lasts much longer than a classic casual shoe. In addition, for those that want or need a little extra support, a denser foam can be added to the medial side of the midsole. Most of these shoes are inherently breathable with mesh uppers that allow for much more airflow and are often lighter in weight concerning how much cushion they offer. Running shoes that can be used as walking shoes also consistently come in wider widths for those that need it, which can be a huge selling point for those who have bunions, any kind of specialized orthotic, or just have a wider foot in general.

Because these shoes have been manufactured to last between 300 to 500 miles while holding up under the stress of someone running in them, they will last for a long time if you’re just walking or working in them. With that being said, it is a good rule of thumb to change out your shoes every year, even if you are walking in them and especially if you haven’t been tracking the miles.

PRO TIP: Insoles! If you want a more customizable and comfortable fit for your shoes, try a more supportive orthotic! The piece of foam that comes in the shoe is great at first, but it does tend to break down faster than a more supportive insole comprised of a softer plastic and foam. These insoles will support the arch of the foot and the surrounding muscles in a much better way and will ideally make the sure much more comfortable for whatever the shoe is being used for.