Pub Run

Every Tuesday Night!

There are no demos or themes this week for the Pub Run, but next week will be Fat Tuesday! Bring some beads and earn extra raffle tickets! 

For those of you with dogs we will have Stunt Puppy demo belts each week. Just check in with Ivy or Emma to demo.

Save some $$!

If you register by Wednesday, February 22, you can save $5 on a Superhero Showdown 5K entry. Come out and help us defeat the villains!


Official Start is @ 6:00 p.m.
But you can start early if you want!

Pub Run Registration »

You only have to register one time!

On your first run, you will get a Belly Card. You will use this card to check in each week and earn points towards awesome prizes.

What is a Pub Run?

It’s a fun, non-race, social run that starts at Skinny Raven Downtown and ends at one of several downtown pubs.

  • Meet friends and fellow joggers.
  • Product demos and fun prizes every week.
  • Meet at Skinny Raven Downtown at 5pm. Walkers can start early if you wish, the group run starts at 6pm.
  • Finish the run at McGinley’s Pub or overflow to Flattop Pizza & Pool.
  • The runs are approximately 5K in distance.

You only have to register once. At your first run, get your Belly Card from a Skinny Raven staff-member for checking in and earning points towards pint glasses, t-shirts and other great prizes. The route varies each week, look for a map at check or in the email update.


Remember that this is a free social run, not a race with closed course and police control. Please STAY on the sidewalks or to FAR side of road where there are no sidewalks. NO jaywalking!

SPECIAL REQUEST: Please download the Belly Card app or bring your key card for check in. With so many participants those hand typing their emails really bogs down the lines and the app has been crashing further slowing things down. REMEMBER that you can also check in at the end of the run if lines are too long at Skinny Raven. We appreciate everyones help in making the process go as smooth as possible. 

As more and more runners join Pub Runs we encourage runners to feel free to start before the “official” start time of 6 p.m. to reduce the congestion on the roads and trails. As always be courteous to others biking or running on the trails and limit the space on the trails that you occupy.