Let's get fitted!

Skinny Raven staff are trained to help you find the best products for your unique needs. Whether running or walking, hitting the trails or pavement, or simply looking for a comfortable daily shoe, we can help you find the footwear suited for your planned use.

Here’s what to expect during a fitting at Skinny Raven Sports:

Step 1:

Getting to know you!

We always kick off with a brief discussion all about YOU. What are you training for? Where will you use your shoes most? Through a discussion about your preferences, intended use, training history and goals, we’ll identify some top options for you.

Step 2:

Measurements & Gait Assessments

  • First thing first: are you wearing your “normal” socks? If you prefer a thicker or thinner sock, we’ll grab a fresh pair of try-on socks from one of our favorite brands for you. Learn a little about targeted compression, moisture wicking, and how a good sock can make or break your run!
  • Staff will measure both your feet for length and width. Typically, your ideal fit will be a one-half shoe size up from your measured length. We’ll take into account what you’re currently wearing and find comfortable. 
  • One more question: have you tried or do you already use inserts or orthotics? We’ll keep that in mind, and take a look at your arch profile as part of the fit process.
  • Now, we watch how you move. Skinny Raven uses two methods to conduct a gait analysis: 
    • Treadmill: grab a pair of neutral shoes (no pronation or stability supports), and we’ll film you running in slow motion on the treadmill. 
    • Catwalk: barefoot or in socks, walk the plank and back again, while staff look carefully and your knees, feet and ankles in motion.
  • Based on how your body moves from the knees down, and what we learned at the beginning of our conversation, staff will pull a few footwear options for you.

Step 3:

Try On Time!

  • Based on what you shared at the beginning of our conversation and how your body moves, we'll grab a few footwear options for you to try on and find the perfect fit. 
  • Back to that arch: once we’ve narrowed down your footwear choice, we’ll grab you some replacement inserts to demo in your shoes. They meet a variety of needs, whether it be supporting foot mechanics or simply making your shoe more comfortable. Try one out and see how having the arch cradled can again take your shoe's fit, feel, and performance to the next level.
  • Think you’ve found the one? Take the shoes for a spin around the store, on the treadmills, or down the block so you can get the true feel. Skinny Raven staff can answer your questions, give you feedback about the options and help you dial in your final selection. 

Step 4:

Take Your Training Further

As we narrow down your footwear selection, let’s talk about the rest of your goals or needs. Skinny Raven Sports has great options for seasonal apparel to keep you comfortable, recovery for any long run or day, nutrition and fuel options, and more.

We've got a calendar full of fun family events to set your sights on, plus training groups to help you progress and develop in your running journey. Let us get to know you and introduce you to your next favorite thing. 

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