Jan. 1-31, 2022

25 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

50 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

100 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

250 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

500 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

750 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

1000 Mile

January 1-31, 2022

All month long!

The Challenge is back! It's the Raven Resolution Challenge with a goal level for everyone, you can walk, hike, jog, swim, run, bike or ski your way to achieving your goal! Outside, inside, in the dark, or in the daytime. Start the new year with new miles and your best foot forward.

Your event swag features a premium, double-wall water bottle for you to sip from all year long! Your progress will highlighted with “badges” as you complete mileage milestones. Join us for access to to The Alaska Club’s TAConnect, and clinics to educate and motivate. Get moving and stay on top!

Get Rollin', Keep Rollin'

Accumulate digital badges as you knock off your miles. Be inspired and educated along the way by clinics from Skinny Raven Partners. Along with getting in your miles, and exploring  your TAConnect sessions. Some sessions will be broadcast live, but all will be available for replay so you can participate on your own time. Summary emails with links will follow each clinic so you can participate on your own time.

Clinic Schedule
January 11 at 6pm- Nutrition chat with local registered dietitian Brooke Czarnecki. She’ll sharing some interesting and useful nutritional tips as well as answer your questions!
January 25 at 6pm – Foam rolling and mobility with United Physical Therapy’s Alec Kay on Zoom from the Alaska Club.

Training Tuesdays with TAConnect!

Challenge participants get access to both live and on-demand The Alaska Clubs’s TAConnect classes between January 1 and 31, 2022. Training Tuesdays will deliver you a live clinic at 6pm dedicated to the runners and walkers in the event, but useful and fun for anyone. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday Jan 4th:  Pilates for Runners – Live stream or on-demand afterward
Tuesday Jan 11th:  Strength training for Runners – Live stream or on-demand afterward
Tuesday Jan 18th:  Pilates 2 for Runners – Live stream or on-demand afterward
Finale Clinic: Tuesday Jan 25th:  Alec Kay – Foam Rolling and Range of Motion for Runners – live zoom class. Ask us questions!

For instructions on getting going with TAConnect click here.

Event Swag

Custom 16oz double-wall Kleen Kanteen bottle.
Nutrition sample
One month TAConnect subscription from The Alaska Club
Two clinics with local experts in nutrition and strength and mobility.
Free shipping within the state of Alaska.

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One price for any distance! If you find out that you're going to crush your goal or if you bit off more than you can chew, you can swap your event.

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Packet Pick Up

Get your packet, or let your packet get you! You can choose to pick your packet up in-person, or have it mailed to you. We're doing a post event bib pickup so we can celebrate your achievement!
February 3, 2022
3:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Skinny Raven Downtown

Virtual Event

This event is all about you, your goals, and kicking off the new year right!

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